Our application of waxing

We apply a variety of different warm waxes directly to sanitized skin to remove unwanted hair with muslin strips. Soft honey or cream wax is most commonly used, but we also use hard wax if preferred.

Care of before and after waxing

Before –
Don’t make this harder on you, or us, your hair should be a quarter of an inch to a half inch only long before waxing. Anything shorter will not be removed and anything longer will be far more painful. Trust us on that one…

Gentle exfoliation before waxing is also recommended if in-grown hairs are a common concern.

After –
Avoid too much direct sun exposure harsh chemicals with acids or alcohol for 24 hours after waxing; your skin may be sensitive.

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Prices for waxing

  • Brazilian start at 45.00
    (yes, that included that precious little back side of yours)

  • Classic bikini 27

  • Deluxe bikini 32

  • Under arms 18

  • Full leg 65

  • Half leg 35

  • Full back 45

  • Chest 35

  • Brow sculpt 22

  • Brow upkeep 15

  • Lip 8

  • Nostrils 14

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