Enhance the appearance in a way that is carefree and time saving.

Our application of Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent makeup is a choice to enhance the appearance in a way that is carefree and time saving. A well-executed procedure offers clients an almost perfect makeup look, which requires minimal attention in the future. Eyeliner and eyebrow procedure provides a base for easy application of other makeups such as mascara, eyeshadow. Best of all once permanent makeup has been applied it will not smudge or smear.

Permanent makeup results when cosmetic grade micro-pigment is injected into the dermis layer of the skin. It is a reasonably straightforward and safe cosmetic procedure.

However, the equipment used for permanent cosmetics has been designed specifically for the fine detail needed for implantation in the eyebrow, eyelids, and the lip area. The permanent cosmetics pen is lightweight and easy to hold making it especially appropriate for these delicate procedures.

Our quality products we use

Your specialist will use high quality cosmetic pigments that are formulated with pigments that have a long history of no known allergic reactions. We are focused on longevity of color. Colors heal true and stay true.

Your care instructions after the procedure.

Care of before and after Permanent Cosmetics

Before –
Don’t have any caffeine or sugar the day of your appointment, don’t take any IBUProfen, fish oil, or aspirin. Take allergy medication like Claritin the night before and hour before your appointment. It helps your eyes not to water. Take 5 Vitamin-K pills before you arrive, that helps you not bleed or swell. For whatever procedure you are getting done, you can come with your eyeliner or brows drawn on and you bring your color if you like. Discontinue any lash serums until your appointment. If you are having any eyeliner procedures you may take a Xanax 10mg 30 min before your appointment, your doctor can write you a prescription.

After –
Your specialist will provide you with detailed care instructions depending on what procedure was done the day of.

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Prices for permanent cosmetics

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Prices for tinting

  • Brows 12

  • Lashes 22

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