Our application of lashes

We apply individual lash extension to your natural lash with a semi permanent glue to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

Our quality products we use

We use a large variety of lashes to accommodate our clients. Blink, Minky, and JB are our most common brands. We also have a huge selection of curls, anything from the two very natural curls such as J and B, or the most common C curl to the most dramatic D curl for extra curly lashes.

Care of lashes

Correctly caring for your lashes will improve the longevity of your lashes and reduce damage to your natural lashes.

You now have lash extensions – DO NOT use a lash curler or mascara!

There’s no need. IF you choose to use mascara on your lower lashes you may, but this may cause clumping to your extensions so we do not recommend it.

The best way to clean your eyes and lashes is to use a gentle cleaner, for example: baby shampoo and distilled water. But, for the first 24 hours do not wet the lashes or steam them.

Instead, take a picture of your fabulous self and send it to all your friends and let them know you came to LASH.

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Prices for lashes

  • Full Set of Lashes 125 – 165 is for 1.5 hours
    (depending on your artist).

  • 2 weeks fill 35 – 45 Lash fills are for those who have on average 75% of your lashes remaining.

  • 3 weeks fill 45 – 65 Lash fills are for those who have at least 65% of your lashes remaining.

  • 4 weeks fill start at 65 – 85 and can range up to a full set if needed.

  • Removal of lashes is 25

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Prices for tinting

  • Brows 12

  • Lashes 22

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